The Grapevine

Dear Friends of The Vineyard, We finished our 38th summer a few weeks ago! A heartfelt “thank you” to all that supported us or participated in our camp. Whereas the camp was markedly smaller because of Covid, we served almost 300 campers, operated every session and had one of the best summers anyone can remember. Most of the campers were from the USA, of course, but most were under thirteen years old! We expect a lot of the older campers from foreign shores to return in 2022, but it was nice having younger campers here all summer long for a change. This coming summer expect the number of participants per week to be around 60 along with 40 staff—-so 100 people per week. This is far less than what we had pre-covid, but we’ve learned how to do many things better with a smaller camp. We do expect to have all the majors and electives open and operating this summer. Read on to see what new things we hope to have ready by May. To the many volunteers, parents, staff, and members of the local churches that helped us, please accept our heartfelt thanks. We could not have had such a positive summer program without all the help, donations and love. This really made the difference. 



We already have more campers registered for 2022 than we had all of 2020, and we expect nearly 90% of the campers that came this past summer will return! Thus far we’ve only heard good things from campers and parents. We do take every suggestion or complaint very serious. Based upon enthusiasm from the Mexican campers we expect to register at least 100 camper weeks! Our hats off to Pablo Montaño for all his work there since camp ended. If you have not yet enrolled you can receive a substantial discount by registering now. After November 15 the fees will go up and placements will become more limited. Remember, we’re only accepting 60 campers per week this year. As with last year, we will refund 100% of what we receive in deposits, tuition and fees if the camper is hindered or unable to attend this summer. We know that Covid and the economy are still on the minds of many of our friends.



If you are at least eighteen years old and would like to volunteer to help us for a week or more this summer, please let us know now. We hope to make up half our staff with volunteers this year, so help us fill a place. We will give you meals, lodging, lots of love and the best time of your summer! Just call our camp office for a volunteer form. Fully 25% of our staff were volunteer cooks, dining hall mangers, store managers, drivers and program staff. Older folks are our most welcomed helpers! So regardless of your age or ability, we can find a place to use your gifts, talents and experience. 




We will again offer the full summer of sessions this year—12 in all. But Session A is already full! Please check with us before selecting your sessions. 

A. June 5-11 FULL

B. June 12-18

C. June 19-25

D. June 26- July 2

E. July 3-9

F. July 10-16

G. July 17-23

H. July 24-30

I. July 31- August 6

J. August 7-13

K. August 14-20

L. August 21-27



As a non-profit we’re always not only in need of equipment and supplies, but happy to give the donor tax credit! Do you have equipment or supplies that we could use at our camp? We need almost anything associated with sports, but also:

  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Tractor & Supplies
  • Paint & Supplies
  • Shooting Equipment & Ammo
  • Camping supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Life jackets


The Vineyard Book of Devotions 


Many of you already have a copy of Dean’s book of daily devotions, but it’s already in its second printing! It’s been edited, updated and had a few new devotions added. The new edition a smaller, lighter version, and the cost is not only $17.95. You can still order it from our website, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel or Powell Books. All royalties go directly to the camp. The new edition will be ready, for sure we are told, in time forChristmas— and this time we mean it! 






In addition to painting and planting, by 2022 the following projects should also be completed for our 39th summer!

The tennis courts resurfaced High Ropes and Rock climbing repairs and renovations

The Zip-line re-opened!

A new XiRho Tower! 




We’re blessed to have received more support over the past two years than we have over the past many, many years. People have been incredibly kind to us in light of the setbacks our camp experienced because of Covid-19 and a lack of travel for all the international campers (which normally represents 80% of our camp!). But prior to the end of this year we still need to raise $46,000, as of the publication of this newsletter. That would represent about $1000/state or $500 per county in North Carolina. Could you help us, and perhaps represent your favorite staff with a gift of $1000 or, for our Tar-heel natives, $500 for your favorite county?