The Grapevine

Dear Parents, We are all aware of how the Covid-19 virus has changed many things all over the world and impacted families and livelihoods. Many have lost their jobs or businesses and the though of sending your children to summer camp might be the last item you are considering. Many are concerned about the future of travel and when we will be able to return to more normal activities. The trustees, the board and I have made a commitment to do all we can to safely resume camping in 2021. We are all in this together. There is a need to give our children hope, a return to some sort of “normalcy” and a chance to be a child—“childhood happens only once”. With this in mind we have decided to help any child, from any country and any background attend our camp in 2021. We will need the help and assistance of many people to do this but we are believing and have commitments from many already to work with us to enable the following.


Here is what we are offering on a first-come, first-serve basis:

1. The normal tuition is $1375/week, but we will accept whatever the parent can afford, as little as $500/week.

2. We will refund 100% of what we receive in deposits, tuition and fees if the camper is hindered or unable to attend this summer.

3. The program, food services, care and safety of your child will not be compromised. We will not operate the camp any less professionally than we would if every child were paying 100% of the tuition.

We ask the following from parents that take advantage of this discount:

1. Please pay all you can, and when your child returns home, consider a donation to our camp that represents your satisfaction with our camp and the experiences and memories your child will carry with them.

2. Extra fees for certain programs (Equitation, Golf, Water Skiing, Wilderness Adventure, Shooting, Weekend Trips to Washington, DC/Carowinds) and airport pick up fees still apply.

3. Please make your decisions soon. We expect to have a full camp with this offer. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

This camp is a ministry and passion for many many people and we want to ensure it is here for years to come. If you are in the position to assist with camper scholarships or any of the other areas of need to continue this ministry please let us know. We are always looking for volunteers to assist with camp preparation and also with the day to day running and activities during the summer. Whether you are looking to send your children or not please pass along this message to anyone who might be interested as well as anyone including yourselves who is willing to pray for the Camp and the Staff.

May God bless us all and keep us safe and healthy.


     Dean Barley

     1945 Vineyard Road
     Westfield, NC 27053
     336 351 2070


Camp and COVID-19 This Summer

We don’t know what will happen between now and June 1, but we do plan on opening our camp and abiding by all county, state and national requirements for protecting campers and staff and going beyond those standards when we are able. Last year we had zero infections at our camp—we plan on maintaining that record!

But…..numbers of campers in cabin will be limited to 4 (half capacity) and the dining hall capacity will also be reduced. In short the camp will open with 50% less campers and and 40% less staff in order to maintain social distancing, etc. And as requested by the county health departments, camp outs will be limited to simply making roasting marshmallows, watching the shooting stars and story telling—-we will not be able sleep in tents.

Some sports might not be offered because of covid, but individual sports will.

Sports that will be offered include:
     Equitation           Shooting
     Weight training   Water skiing
     Wilderness          Adventure Golf
     Tennis                 Paintball
     Riflery                 Baseball
     Soccer                Basketball
     Football              Volleyball
     Fishing               Skeet Shooting


…but, as with last summer, your child might find the smaller camp the best summer ever.

Work Weekend

Come and visit us before camp opens and help us get our camp ready! We could use help with painting, planting, cleaning, pressure watching, patching and building. Regardless of how “un-skilled” you think you might be, we could use your help! Let us know of a weekend (or week??) you can help and we’ll provide meals and lodging free of charge. April. 9-11 has tentatively been scheduled f our clean-up weekend, but honestly, any weekend is fine. Just give us advance notice.

Volunteers This Summer Needed

If you are at least sixteen years old and would like to volunteer to help us for a week or more this summer, please let us know now. We hope to make up half our staff with volunteers this year, so help us fill a place. We will give you meals, lodging, lots of love and the best time of your summer! Just call our camp office for a volunteer form.

Old folks are also most welcome to assist! Regardless of your age or ability, we can find a place to use your gifts, talents and experience.

Campers from France, Mexico and Jamaica thus far..

We’re an international camp, as everyone knows, but last year we lost almost all the foreign campers because of Covid19. This year campers are already registered from France, Mexico, Jamaica and we’re expecting a huge crowd from Kenya! But there’s still a place for you, no matter where you are from. But please, please let us know that you want us to hold a place for you.

     A. June 6 – 12
     B. June 13 – 19
     C. June 20 – 26
     D. June 27 – July 3
     E. July 4 – 10
     F. July 11 – July 17
     G. July 18 – July 24
     H. July 25 - July 3
     I. August 1 – August 7
     J. August 8 – August 14
     K. August 15 – August 21
     L. August 22 – August 28

Gifts in Kind Needed

As a non-profit we’re always not only in need of equipment and supplies, but happy to give the donor tax credit! Do you have equipment or supplies that we could use at our camp? We need almost anything associated with sports, but also:

A back-up ski boat
A second tractor
Paint and building supplies
Paintball supplies
Climbing and hiking gear
Tents and camping supplies


Book of Devotions ready!

 Dean’s book of daily devotions has now been published! It’s over 400 pages (one devotion per day) but we think you’ll enjoy it. You can order it from our website, from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel or Christian Books. If you like it please write a review on Amazon and consider also purchasing a digital copy!