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Support a child today!

At The Vineyard Camp we believe every child should have the opportunity to experience a week of summer camping. With the help of generous donors like you we create scholarships for hundreds of children to attend our camp each year. Join us today!
Because childhood happens only once.

Our 2019 Capital Drive

We're in the middle of a five year plan to eliminate the Vineyard's mortgage and all our debt. You can be a part of the team that ensures The Vineyard Camp's financial future is secure. Join our list of Capital Sponsors by pledging to donate every year for three years, or by host a dinner in your home town.

Make a three-year pledge:

Be one of 500 friends of The Vineyard that share the passion for helping youth across the world come to know the depths of God’s love and Christ’s call to discipleship.

We are hoping that the donors of this special campaign will make three-year pledges of $1000 or more, but any gift, of any size is greatly and gratefully appreciated.

Host a table:

Simply invite ten people who are able and willing to make a three year pledge to our camp. Pick the time and place of the dinner and let our office know. We will pick up the tab, arrange to have Dean or a board member at the dinner and even send you a list of potential guests to invite from your home town!

Join us for dinner in your home town:

Fifty supporters of our camp are hosting dinners in towns all over the southeast. The dinners will last no more than an hour and will include just a few minutes for our host and Dean to explain the capital drive and how it will establish The Vineyard for the next generation. If you are interested in attending please contact our office! (

Life Insurance Donations

Life insurance can be one of the best ways to donate money to The Vineyard Camp because the death benefit on a life insurance policy is tax free. This allows you to pay a relatively low amount of premium to get a very sizable policy value that will pass to the The Vineyard Camp by making them the beneficiary of the policy. You are leveraging your life to provide a love gift to The Vineyard Camp. We can specially design a plan that fits your budget and wishes. If you want to learn more about how we can implement this strategy, please call Ben at +1(336) 593-3131.

Annuity Donations

Philanthropically-minded individuals find that charitable gift annuities offer unique planning opportunities. Donors can make significant gifts to The Vineyard Camp while receiving favorably taxed annuity payments that provide income during retirement. We can specially design a plan that fits your wishes and needs. If you want to learn more about how we can implement this strategy, please call Ben at +1(336) 593-3131. Smile Donations

Donate to the Vineyard Camp at!Do you love ordering things from Did you know that you can now support the Vineyard just by shopping there? Just go to and you'll be asked sign-in/sign-up and confirm that you'd like to support The Vineyard with every Amazon Smile purchase. Then you can either bookmark or install a browser plugin (Chrome | Firefox | Safari) that will automatically ensure all your Amazon purchases benefit the camp. From then on 0.5% of your Amazon Smile purchases will be donated directly to the Vineyard!

Our Capital Sponsors

These individuals have pledged to give to The Vineyard for three years, or hosted a dinner in their home town.