2021 Special Announcement

Dear Parents,

We are all aware of how the Covid-19 virus has changed many things worldwide and impacted families and livelihoods. Many have lost their jobs or businesses, and the thought of sending your children to summer camp might be the last item you are considering. Many are concerned about the future of travel and when we will return to more normal activities. The trustees, the board, and I have committed to do all we can to safely resume camping in 2021. We are all in this together.

There is a need to give our children hope, a return to some sort of “normalcy” and a chance to be a child—“childhood happens only once.” With this in mind we have decided to help any child, from any country and any background attend our camp in 2021. We will need the help and assistance of many people to do this. Still, we believe and have commitments from many already to work with us to enable the following.

Here is what we are offering on a first-come, first-serve basis:

1. The standard tuition is $1375/week, but we will accept whatever the parent can afford, as little as $500/week.

2. We will refund 100% of what we receive in deposits, tuition, and fees if the camper is hindered or unable to attend this summer.

3. The program, food services, care, and safety of your child will not be compromised. We will not operate the camp any less professionally than if every child were paying 100% of the tuition.

We ask the following from parents that take advantage of this discount:

1. Please pay all you can, and when your child returns home, consider a donation to our camp that represents your satisfaction with our care. As we prayerfully create experiences and memories, your child will carry with them.

2. Extra fees for specific programs (Equitation, Golf, Water Skiing, Wilderness Adventure, Shooting, Weekend Trips to Washington, DC/Carowinds) and airport pick up fees still apply.

3. Please make your decisions soon. We expect to have a full camp with this offer. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This camp is a ministry and passion for many people, and we want to ensure it is here for years to come. If you can assist with camper scholarships or any other areas of need to continue this ministry, please let us know. We are always looking for volunteers to help with camp preparation and day to day running and activities during the summer. Whether you are looking to send your children or not, please pass along this message to anyone who might be interested in our ministry. We would appreciate your prayers for this ministry. God Bless everyone and stay safe and healthy.