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May 11, 2107

Dear friends:


Jesus once comforted His disciples, right before the agony of Gethsemane and the crucifixion, by telling them that He would be going to His Father and that He would “prepare a room for them”.   I have come to understand the significance of those reassuring words as I have grown closer to Him.


Several years ago I went to see my brother in Hawaii with some other members of my family. It was a long flight and I had just lost my father.  I was tired, still mourning my dad’s death and I under some pressure in other matters.  We arrived at the airport late and we were all suffering from jet lag and the general fatigue of air travel.


My brother and his family met us at the airport with smiles, gentle words of welcome and Hawaiian leis.  It was very nice, but again, we were dead tired. Then he drove us to the hotel, led us to our rooms and explained that all had been taken care of. We were registered, the rooms were paid for, there was water, fruit and refreshments in each room, we had nothing to worry about and he would come by late the next morning. 

He had prepared a room for us. I “got” the meaning of what Jesus had told His disciples!  My brother knew what we needed and craved—rest, some privacy, a hot shower, sleep—-he had it all ready for us.  How much more does Jesus know my cravings, needs and the desires of my heart,  and how much more is He able to prepare a place for me.  That gives me peace and a sense of hope  when I am down and ready to give up. He has prepared for me.. He “has my back”… He is looking after me.


I believe that God is delighted to take care of me even more than my brother was prepared to take care of me. I merely have to let go and allow Him to lead me to the hotel!  If I submitted to rest in His care, I can be at peace—-both here and in my permanent place in heaven. 


Jesus said in the same passage, “Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me”.  I am “troubled” only when I doubt that He is really prepared and able to take care of me.


I believe.  I have good reason to believe.



Dean Barley


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