You Cannot Feed Others When You Are Hungry

Dear Friends:

Today I had to get up early for a hectic day. I went to a studio to record a commercial for our camp and then had to rush to the airport in Raleigh. I was rushed so I had my prayer time in the car and after the commercial was recorded I hurried to the airport (I am traveling to Mexico today) and decided to read my Bible and devotional material on the plane. Boarding the plane was crazy and I was tired so I napped and decided to do my reading at the airport in Dallas. But when I get to Dallas I had phone calls and emails and texts waiting for me. So I answered those and decided to read the Word later on the next flight.

The point is that if I do not get my Bible reading and devotion time in the morning, first thing, it simply does not happen. But now that I am writing these blogs daily, I realize that if I am not getting fed, I cannot feed anyone else! Without my morning prayer and Bible time I am unable to feed anyone else! It’s not a matter of my security in Christ or my salvation, but a dereliction of duty for a pastor, priest, camp director, cabin counselor, husband, father, mother, or wife to fail to fuel up first thing in the morning. There are NO excuses!

My goal is to be emptied, spilled, squeezed out, and broken bread for campers and staff. But I must BEGIN each and every day by being up and empowered by His indwelling.

Forgive me for coming up short today.

Dean Barley

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