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Dear Friends:

I read today again about David’s life after he was firmly established as King.  One day he asked if there was anyone in Saul’s house left that he could honor/assist. He was informed that the only one left: Jonathan’s lame son Mephibosheth. Jonathan, Saul’s son, was also David’s best friend and David was delighted to restore all the land and estate that once belong to King Saul to Mephibosheth and to treat him like his own son from that day forward. This act of kindness was not lost on the king’s court or the people of Israel. Acts of compassion and righteousness like this caused the people to love King David.  

As I thought about David, I was reminded that it was not because he was a good person that this happened, but rather because of his relationship to God, his redeemer. This act was not something he merely devised one night, it was the natural out-flowing of a person that is in a proper relationship with God. My task at the camp is not merely to act “holy” or even to preach eloquently and persuasively. My task is to be so intimate with my Redeemer that acts of love and brotherly kindness flow from me naturally (or perhaps I should say “supernaturally!).  

The answer for lost youth, angry adults, luke-warm, Christians, etc, is redemption. Nothing else will “hold” or remain.  And if our devotions and vesper messages fail to call campers and staff to the redeemed life in Christ—-i.e. a reborn relationship with God through the blood of Jesus— we are no different from any other camp in the USA and we could be doing more spiritual damage than good! The redeemed life is not without struggles or tears, as evidenced by King David later in his reign, but the “redeemed” live the knowledge- without a doubt!—that one day He, the Redeemer Himself, will “wipe every tear from their eyes.

If I am redeemed, am I “saying so” in the manner in which I naturally respond to the “Mephibosheth’s” that God places in my life, or am I  attempting to be holy instead of choosing intimacy with the One who IS Holy…

Dean Barley

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