Whose camp am I in?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dear Friends:

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I would think that I should have a greater grasp of God’s “character” and “habits” as I progress in my life and my own sanctification.  But I admit that the more I “know” Him, the more I realize how utterly unlike Him I am and how totally “other” He is.  He has become all the more “different” from me than I realized the closer I draw to Him.

I don’t mean speak improperly or in a discouraging manner, but I simply don’t understand so many, many things that He does, and I cannot understand why He has the slightest interest in me or my silly little enterprises.  Yes, I am frequently guilty (as in this article) of anthropomorphizing God, but how else am I to understand His ways, His laws, His hand in history, etc?

Sometimes when I think about God, I am unspeakably awed about how different His ways are from all the ways of mankind.  When I think of who He is and what He has created prior  to the creation of this world, “who are we that He should give any concern at all to us?”  What is it that makes us so special and “the apple of His eye?”

I don’t have an answer to this—-it’s rhetorical- but it does cause me to wonder: If God thinks that I am so special and loves me as He does, what ever would permit me to consciously NOT show the same love and special affection to the others that He has also loved and called special?   I mean to  say simply this:  If God—-in all His incredible majestic splendor, unimaginable perfection, and unfinite power—has looked upon me and every other man, woman and child and called us the objects of HIS LOVE, who can possible look at someone else and despise them or look down upon them! 

This is why John said that it was impossible to know God and NOT love one another!  God has called that  child (or man, woman, youth, etc): special and worth the price of His Son’s blood!  So how can any “creation” of this Holy God dare to suggest that that same child is not worth loving?  To not love the other and yet claim to love God means simply that I am a liar. John says it clearly in I John 4:8——if we don’t love others, we do not know God.

And here’s a great test for all of us that claim Jesus as our Redeemer:  “Do we love others?”  If we have hate in our hearts towards others, Jesus is simply not within or hearts—we are in the camp of the enemy—not the camp of God.








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