What would you give up?

Dear Friends:
I am really too tired to write this, but I am hoping that it will offer someone the encouragement they might need right now.
I started the day early in Versailles after a long evening talking to a confused and wayward seventeen year old for an hour.  I had to rise at 7:15 am to get the train station in Versailles for the early ride to the Paris train station—Gare du Nord.  I got there an hour an a half later, waited for another hour and then boarded a train to Lille. I got to the Lille train station an hour later and walked 15 minutes to the hotel. The room was not ready so I had to wait for another hour and finally got to the room to unpack and get a shower. I just got into the shower when the phone rang —-the host for tonight’s meeting came 15 minutes early. So I got dressed hurriedly and came back to the lobby to catch my ride for the first of three meetings tonight
The two meals and meetings went well with many people quite excited about the camp. I was exhausted and had too much champagne, wine, whiskey and more wine to drink by the end of the evening. The last meal I had was at the home of a mother of six that wants to send the four youngest to the camp this summer. She is a divorcee and struggles. But the kids (7, 10, 13 and 16), she told me that they were forgoing Christmas gifts, birthday presents and even the tooth fairy for the 7 year old so that they could all attend camp. The two older girls are baby sitting to earn extra money for the tuition and the grandparents are also pitching in. My heart is warmed that a family would make such a sacrifice and commitment to send their kids to camp!!   What some youth take for granted this family is seeing as a dream come true.
We now have 230 spots “committed” but that does not mean we have it in hand.  Right now I am 50% through with my meetings and shows. It looks like we might hit the goal of 300. This would mean a lot to me. Please keep praying.
Dean Barley

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