We were made for intimacy with God

Dear Friends:

How is it that wisest and arguably most blessed man to ever live (Solomon) could be led astray from his first love (God) and into idolatry and paganism? As I have read about King Solomon over the years I shake my head and wonder how could he have been so stupid and yet have been so wise earlier in his life.

If you read about him you will see that has fall really came down to one thing: His passion for women. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines! Good grief. What was he thinking? 1000 women—from nations that were opposed to the commandments and requirements of the one God—became his most intimate companions. And of course they led his to do things he would not have done had they had been in love with God like his father David was.

If my closest friends are not men that keep me sharpened spiritually and morally I would eventually fall just like Solomon. God has purposed me to be in communion with other men and women for my own good—as iron sharpens iron. But it’s the choice of my friends and those that I keep closest to my heart that can cause me to be closer to God (as with David) or to turn away from God (as with Solomon)…

There was a reason God warned about marrying outside the tribes of Israel! But Solomon ignored what God warned him about and his legacy was destroyed because of it. God has a reason for forbidding some things and demanding others! What arrogance we display when we think we know more than our Creator and go our own way.

Solomon forgot that our purpose here is not simply to consume, enjoy, and live for more and more, but to be men (and women) after God’s own heart. Luxury and pleasure and enjoyment may follow, but we were created to maintain a primary relationship with Him. Even the wisest man in the world forgot that.

Dean Barley

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