Water from a rock......

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Dear Friends:

This morning in my time of prayer and bible study, I read the very words I sincerely needed the most.  This is why reading His Word is so important to me!  He seems to speak directly to me challenges as I meditate upon what the Psalmist, Isaiah, or James (as in today’s readings) wrote thousands of years ago.

The Psalmist recalled how God made a spring flow out of an old, dusty, arid rock in the desert!  Isaiah reminded those in exile that “a steadfast trust in God leads to perfect peace”, and James exhorted his flock to “not pray for pleasures, but humble yourself and He will answer your prayers”.

Those might appear to be jumbled, unconnected points, but they all connected with me at 6:30 am this morning. It was what I needed—the fire in my bellow—-the wind in my sails—the very voice of God that I heard this morning.  That’s what I get from anxiously reading His inspired word each morning! It’s as if He wrote the next chapter in Psalms, Isaiah and James the night before I read them.

If God can pour a spring of water out of a huge, solid rock, can He not provide for me the things I need today?

Since His peace is the very thing I need more than anything else in order to maintain my focus each day, should I need then keep my eyes trusted on Him?

And if my prayers are not being answered, is anyone to blame but me? ARE my prayers pure—or am I seeking personal pleasure?  Am I truly humble throughout my day and am I asking Him to point out an area of pride and replace it with the sweet humility of Jesus throughout my day?

I don’t assume the right to tell any of you reading my blogs what you should or should not do.  But I would urge anyone who is struggling, afraid, unsure, uncertain or lacking peace to read the Word each morning—and ask Him to open your eyes and ears.



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