Wait and Trust Me!

Dear Friends:
Thank you for still praying for my efforts to register at least 300 camper spots this month. Right now we have around 220 confirmed and another 100 that have not given me a “certain” answer yet.  But this is by far a better month than the past two years and I am holding onto hope that we will hit 300 confirmed camper placements in the next nine days. The challenge is the follow-up to these parents as well as the final efforts to fund our capital drive with $100,000. I must decide to do the best I can and leave the rest to God—it’s all about abandoning things to Him.
You are all aware that Greg left the camp and our home a week before Thanksgiving. He’s been back a couple of times to get more of his belongings, but never, not even once, to check up on Nancy or the dogs or me. He is going through a very difficult time. My first prayer each morning is for Greg’s salvation—-whatever it takes. I am trusting in God’s infinite mercy and love to bring this about in His time; but I have to trust in His timing, not my own. That’s where I have to abide in Christ more and enjoy the fruit of patience.
But being alone for the holidays these past several days—and in France—-does tempt me to feel sorry for myself. However, today I read the final chapter of Ruth, and while I know the story quite welll, today it seemed to be God’s letter of encouragement to me. Boaz, an older man (like me perhaps?) is kind to a widow, Ruth, and well, as you all know, they fall in love and get married even though he is far older!  I know it be grasping for something that’s not there, but I was reminded in the last chapter of Ruth that after they were married they had a son—-in Boaz’s old age!  The son was Obed, the father of Jesse, the father of David. God’s word gave me the smile, hope and encouragement nothing else could have provided.  
“Wait and trust me” He seems to say to me in everything I do…..
May God bless each of you, my friends.

Dean Barley

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