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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dear Friends:

It’s amazing what color can do to my perspective.  It seems so strange that the hue of something can cause me to be optimistic and positive, or rather bored and melancholy.  Some days here the sky can get very gray-signaling the oncoming snow or sleet. And that gray, cheerless sky gets me “down”  before I am even aware of it. And then sometimes the sky is an incredible Egyptian blue and I am happy and look forward to  the day. Colors make me happy??  

Today I was getting the last room in the new house painted, and one of my friends suggested “periwinkle” for the small sitting room.  Periwinkle is, I know now, pink. But as the painter finished the room I noted that it truly was a “cheerful” color and then learned from a friend that prisons cells are often painted pink because the tint staves off depression!  Again, why did He create us to be so motivated—-and vulnerable—-to external stimuli like the color of a room or the pigmentation of the sky?

We were wonderfully and marvelously designed to not only reflect His glory but also to embrace the very things that He embraces. God must love color, variety and diversity! Look at how He has established His glory, creativeness and beauty on this planet alone.  And I truly believe that as we grow closer to Him we naturally appreciate the colors, forms and diversity He has created and the moods they evoke within us.

In scripture I have noticed His apparently “favorites” colors. Three must be scarlet, purple and gold—-colors He required to be used in His temple.  White is a constant color He refers to when He refers to purity, holiness and forgiveness; and darkness always refers to rebellion, the absence of God’s peace, and protection.

 As I consider how God encourages, whispers and touches to me, it’s obvious that colors, landscapes, sunsets, snow falls and even the twilight are gifts by God to remind of where I came from and to where my eternal home is. “Eye has not seen, not has ear heard, nor has entered the mind of man the things that God has prepared for those that love Him”.  It appears that beauty is one of those things He has given me to bring about a bit of “homesickness”!  One day, sooner and sooner, the appetite He has given me for beauty, color and perfect form will be thoroughly filled—for I will see Him and unimagined colors and forms!  But for the present, I must, like Paul, settle for seeing some grays, “fuzzy” figures, and imperfect forms.  But He does offer glimpses of how life is supposed to be.




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