Though he slay me........


Friday, October 27, 2017


Dear Friends:


I have received more emails this fall than I can ever recall, from former campers and staff hurting because of broken or wounded relationships with their girlfriend or boyfriend.  I am not mentioning any of the details that anyone shared with me, but the common theme was: “How could my friend treat me like this?”


Sometimes I am hurt by one I thought would never let me down and wonder the same. All  of us that live long enough have been scarred by tears and wounds that were only possible because we were very close to someone we loved incredibly—-and then one day that beloved person stopped loving us or hurt us so deeply that we had to let go of that relationship.  During those times you have a hard time breathing; you hurt so much you never want to ever be close to another soul again; you find yourself walking as if in a trance or a bad dream—nothing seems to matter anymore.


To love someone is of course to take the risk that someday the beloved will break your heart by rejecting, ignoring or deceiving you.  But I would argue that painful as all of this is, it still serves the point of directing our thoughts and ideas back to God.  Where did the idea of “that’s not fair” come from?  How did the notion that “love should be pure and faithful” come to be a part of our nature?  Why  do we keep thinking about, praying for, caring for and loving the same ones that seem to no longer love us?


The answer, of course, is God.  God is love.  He is the creator of love and all those sublime aspects of love that cause our hearts to race and our imaginations to race! We were created both to love and to be loved—-that’s how He engineered us.  Praise be to God—-when your heart is breaking about something that was unfair, unkind, unfaithful, ignoble it is precisely because there is something or someone that is fair, kind, faithful and noble that our hearts pine and are lost. We know that a broken heart is NOT the way things should be!  We know  that life should NOT be about the things that break hearts but rather the things that cause a heart to sing!  He is the author of that idea!


So when we think we have no reason to live another day, or we decide that we will never fall in love again, or we question, “How can there be a God when He keeps letting my heart be broken?”…….. remember that He is not only the “inventor” of that which we crave the most—-human love—but also the one that can heal that heart.


He promises to give us “the desires of our heart”, but He never suggested that our hearts would not be wounded in the process.   Do I trust Him?  Is He able to give me the love for which my soul pants?  Is He, truly,  the ultimate lover of my soul?  


Then I must wait and allow Him, in His time, to answer my prayers as I exercise my faith in Him.  “Though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him”.  May Job’s words be the words of my friends that are suffering tonight.





dean  barley,

Dean Barley

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