The Secret to Living the Abundant Life

Dear Friends:
Again, thank you for your prayers and for the many of you that compassionately reached out to me when the darkness seemed to encompass me a few days ago. I am never quite sure what brings about the “black dog” (as Churchill described his bouts with self-doubt and despondency), but it never goes on more than a day or two.  
The worst thing to do when you are “down” is "nothing”.  That’s the temptation—-to stare at a wall or whine to God about how unhappy you are or go to bed very early or stay in bed late. The best thing for me is a walk in the  forest, the gym or work. The enemy wants to destroy us with the greatest snare to Christian growth—-self pity.  And I certainly am not preaching as one who has never wallowed in it! I have and still do at times, but praise God for the friends  (like many of you) who come and kindly remind me of my true calling—-living the abundant life as one who is so focused on Him that I forget me. 
It’s said that a true person of true  humility is not one who walks around with a dejected, somber, “I am not worthy” look on her face, nor one who constantly reminds you that she is not important or that her opinion is not important. The truly humble person is so focused on God and the other person that he is not thinking about himself at all!   That’s the secret.
Dean Barley

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