The Power of Prayer

Dear Friends:

When the disciples asked Jesus why they could not cast out some demons, He replied that they lacked “faith”. He went on to say that with just a little faith, mountains could literally be moved. When was the last time you prayed to God for a “mountain to be moved”? I am learning (or “remembering”) that nothing is impossible for those that believe — i.e. those that have faith. The point is faith. Do I believe that God can do it and do I believe that God will do it. But there’s the rub: I know He can do anything, but do I believe He WILL do the thing I request? I could stay up all night writing about this but let me share four things I have learned:

  1. As my friend Alice said a few months ago, when we go to God and “explain” to Him that there are only two ways He can intervene and rescue us, inevitably God does things a third way! When we pray for a miracle leave the details to God and trust Him to bring it about. It won’t happen like you think it should.
  2. For me to truly believe and have faith, I have to believe in my own prayer! Is it an appropriate prayer? Is is the kind of pray a man of faith should be praying? Am I living in obedience to Him so that my faith might increase and my desire to obey Him follow?
  3. I have found that my prayers — for miracles — for others is far more effective than prayers for myself! I don’t say that to suggest that my prayers for myself are “out of line” (though some might be from time to time) but rather that God has shown me that selfless prayers produce less “doubt” in my mind than my prayers for my own needs. I know that God hears all my prayers, but I believe that I am actually praying in the “name” (i.e. the character) of Jesus when I pray for others. My prayers for others are simply quite effective.
  4. While it is humbling to have to turn to others to pray for me in matters where I feel I need a miracle, that seems to be the way God has orchestrated the Christian community. I must rely upon the prayers of my righteous friends to bring the miracles into my life that my prayers alone do not bring.

I am not here to explain why these things (above) are, but I knew that they are nonetheless true!

  1. Please let me know how I can pray for you. I believe in miracles and that God hears and answers my prayers for others.
  2. If you are a person of faith who would pray for me please let me know. I am praying for five distinct miracles right now. I urgently some of God’s people to intervene on my behalf.

Dean Barley

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