The Mind of Christ....

The mind of Christ…..


We talk about having the “mind of Christ’, but how often, and with how many people, do you see the “mind of Jesus Christ” being lived out. Another saying of our time is, “What would Jesus do?”, and again, do people see in my life, my living and doing as He would have? Can my family and friends look at me and honestly say, “He did just what Jesus would have done in the same situation”.


-Forgive as He forgave.  So why is that so hard for us to do?  Why do we threaten to “forgive but not forget”?   Aren’t we glad God does not constantly remind us or our past indiscretions?


-Hold on like He held on.  So why does common thinking, among Christians, suggest that we need to “let go” and not let someone else “drag us down”?  Yes, yes, you can enable  a person to live a compromised and sad life by not practicing “tough love”, but never does God let go of our hand, no matter how irresponsible and naïve we may live.


-Invest in others like He has invested in me.  But why do I we seek for others to invest in me but hesitate to support anyone that will not, in some manner, turn out to be a “good investment” in terms of how it comes back to benefit me?


The answer to all three of these questions is found in the Christian understanding of “love”.   It is because I do not love others as He has loved me that I have a tough time acquiring the mind in these matters.  It’s love, and only love, that allows me to have a sustained heart of mercy, compassion and empathy to those that continually let me down, break my heart and take from my wallet.


It is impossible to find that we have exasperated God’s love and it is impossible for His love within me to the other to become worn out if my love is established in Him.  But if that love is counterfeit or of a sentimental sort, I will soon succumb to the worldly counsel of telling people, “enough is enough”, when they let me down, disappoint me or commit acts I disapprove of. I will simply cut them off and turn them out of my life—-that’s the way of the world. But praise be to God, it’s not the way of the of God or the disciple of Jesus Christ.



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