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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dear Friends:

I know that some folks give dreams a lot of spiritual attention,  others suggest its all about “repressed” emotions, and some prefer to ignore them altogether.  But count me as one of those who do believe that dreams are means whereby God speaks to us—at least on some occasions.  Last night, I think, was one of those times. And as background, I should explain that I remember my dreams each day.  Since I was a young child I have woke up remembering, often quite vividly, my dreams.

But the dream last night was out of the ordinary, and it as far too bizarre for me to make up!  I dreamt that I had traveled a long distance to visit a friend and his family.  I stayed at this “best friend’s home”  and preparing to share the camp video to a large group at the church he attended or pastored—-I can’t recall that detail.  I recall that his house was a single level home in a nice neighborhood in a suburb. Sunday morning I rose earlier than my host and headed into town in my car looking for a Starbucks. At 7:15 am I called him to tell him that I would there soon to drive with him to church for the camp presentation.

But he told me,  “Your suitcase had been packed and was beside the road, the church meeting was cancelled and you  should come and get my suitcase as soon as possible”. I asked him, “What happened?”  After all, I had traveled very far for the meeting and had done nothing wrong, but he responded, “I have just discovered that you were using me and my church to promote the camp. I am very offended.”  And I thought, “Well, that is in fact quite true —-but so what?”

I got so angry I woke up and could not go back to sleep. And then I prayed for discernment. What did the dream mean? Why did I dream this God?  I have been praying to God and asking Him this question all day.  Speak Lord Jesus!  

One of the greatest personal sorrows I have experienced in ministry is rejection from friends, members of my own family and even camp alumni that disagree with what I am attempting to accomplish for His Kingdom.  And whereas I truly do try to please everyone, it’s just not possible.  I might have a noble goal of living at peace with everyone, but as soon as work for the Kingdom of God is involved, the attacks will come— and normally not from non-believers but from those within the Kingdom.   The Christian community has been guilty from the very beginning of the establishment of the church of rivalry, improperly judging the motives of brothers and sisters within that “family” , and worst of all, “shooting the wounded”.

Praise be to God that He judges—perfectly—our hearts, and not our clumsy actions and efforts. Thanks be to God that smiles upon my desire to do the right thing, even if I appear to be an utter moron.  O God, please help those that don’t know you to become good children, and please help your good children how to be kind and nice to each other.



Dean Barley

The Vineyard

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