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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Dear Friends:

For many years it was the day after Christmas that I felt the “lowest”. I am probably not alone in this sentiment, after all, the gifts have been given away, the “big day” is over, the parties have ceased and now the credit card invoices are being emailed to me.  All the build up since Thanksgiving has now come to an end.   It’s a bit hard to get excited about December 26.


But something has been changing in my heart over the past four years.  I have found a deep well of both hope and joy as challenges have drawn me closer to Him.   I wake up knowing two things that make all the difference in the world to me:  I have hope because I know that He will not let me go—-I can recite the times over the past forty-eight months He has proven to me that He won’t let go.  And yes, I’ve gripped His hand until my knuckles where white a few times, but I am secure and safe in His hand.  I know it, I have experienced, He has proven Himself to me.


And  I have joy, each day, knowing that He really does want to give me the very desires of my heart.  He has not forgotten His promises to me, He has heard my prayers, He will not forsake me, and  He will give me those things that I have desired for so long.  That is the well that I draw from each day.  And this knowledge allows me to face my lions and my Goliaths.


Am I ready for all those “desires”?  In my opinion, YES!   But time and time again, after He has finally given me those good things that I have so desired in my heart,  I have found that I received them at the proper time and praise God that I did not get them earlier!!!!  So the question comes to me quite simply: Do I trust His timing?  And again, I know from my past experiences with God that His timing is perfect. 


And so when I wake on the day after the most celebrated day in the year, I can have real joy and sincere hope for an incredible day,  be sure that my tomorrow is secure and know that His timing in life is perfect.




Dean Barley

The Vineyard

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