The button



May 26, 2107


Dear Friends:

Have you ever stopped and looked at what it is that really makes you angry?  What is it that “pushes your button”?  I have buttons and I am embarrassed to admit that some pretty silly things push my button:  borrowing my stuff and not putting it back;  breaking a promise to me;   one of the biggest is for someone to start texting on his iPhone while we’re eating a meal or carrying on a conversation.

But some people I have come across are simply covered with buttons! No matter what you say or do they seem to find a way to be offended, or annoyed or—they seem to be itching for a fight.

I have learned  this about bad moods——they only go away if you starve them of attention.  I have to let go and go on and stop thinking about those silly things that aggravate me and realize that it’ NOT a big deal.

What I truly need  to consider is what pushes God’s button.  What was it in Jesus’ ministry that got Him upset—-what about Paul, Peter and the prophets of old?  You see, these men and were closer to the heart of God than I am.  They had an intimate understanding of what is essential and what is  unessential.  All their “personal” buttons had been removed, one by one, as they grew closer to God and the new button was God’s hot button.  And what was that button?  What was  the thing that quickly caused them to become angry:  When people in authority  caused a child to to stumble;  God’s button is actions, words, conduct or indifference that causes one seeking Him to not find Him or to give up the search.

God forbid that any of us pushes that button.



Dean Barley


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