The allure of money

July 8, 2107

“…who lends money to the poor without interest;who does not accept a bribe against the innocent.”

Psalm 15:5

Dear friends:

This is the last part of the theme this past week at the camp from Psalm 15: Who may live on God’s holy hill?”

Today the focus is on money: How willing are we to lend it and how eager are we to acquire it?  Saint Francis of Assisi equaled money to human excrement.  He had no appreciation of it and thought of it as something that held a man back from enjoying the freedom of being in love with God and others.

I agree with much of Saint Francis sentiments. Money might be essential in our culture/modern world, but it certainly is the source of the ruined lives of many.  It’s not the possession of money, but the love it and the overwhelming need to have more and more of it.  Several of my friends appear to have loved God and enjoyed a greater intimacy with Him before  they "succeeded" in business.

The Psalmist does not say we should not have money. Nor does he say that it’s wrong to have a lot of it.  But the proof of our “affection” with money is that we are able to lend it to the poor—with no intention from profiting from our loan——and if we are willing to do the right thing—even if we could do the wrong thing and make a nice profit.  Money has a habit of becoming an object of our love and devotion—and no one that wants to dwell on His holy hill can be in love with God and money. You have to make a choice.

Dean Barley

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