Staying on Task

Dear Friends:
I began today with this urgent email from my host (Mme. Favatier) tonight:
Hello Dean, 
Meeting time tomorrow is 8:30 pm.
I am afraid that too many people will come tomorrow ! 
I posted an announcement on a very reliable network and I got around 20 answers !!!
I think that my living room is too small !!!
This is the kind of email I enjoy reading, of course, and I want to thank each of you praying for my work, the results and all the encouraging, good things that are happening. These emails make me happy, of course, but I must ever remind myself  I will not always be “happy” on trips like this, and must recall that He did not create me merely to be happy nor was I not born again to be always happy. (Those wanting to always be happy can find happiness in a bottle, and many do).
I think that it is the common, mundane things that trip most of us up the most. I am ready and pumped for tonight’s meeting, but all day today I have struggled to stay on task with the emails, Christmas Grapevine, follow up calls, etc. In truth it is quite easy to goof off on trips like this and get lost window shopping or sleeping in late or feeling sorry that I am here all alone. I have to make myself “answer those emails”, “balance those accounts”, “prepare for the next trip”, etc. It would be so easy to do nothing some days!….. but then I have to live with myself that night, knowing that squandered part of His gift of time and life on this earth doing nothing.
We’re nearly at 250 places requested for the 2017 summer from France. My personal goal is 300+ places confirmed and paid before the end of the year. Again, please join me in this prayer………..and for Greg’s salvation.
Dean Barley

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  • Pablo Luna

    It’s always nice too read your posts. Keep up the goog work! I pray for you, the campers and the next summer!

    Greetings from a mexican living in Spain,

    Pablo Luna :)

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