Shout to the Lord!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dear Friends:

What do you “shout” about?  A referee’s bad call in basketball game? Your favorite team just scoring the winning goal in soccer match or touchdown in football?  Do you shout at the idiot driver that just pulled in front of you and then hit his brake? Do you shout at your friends, co-workers, spouse….your children?  Sadly I have found the effectiveness of “raising my voice” when the boys do something that really irritates me ( I “raise my voice”, but others would call it “yelling”!) 

I get loud when I speak for our country, my favorite actor, or about things that anger or annoy me—-but do I raise my voice for my God—-for the baby in the manger—-for the joy of the Lord?  The those things that cause me to yell, scream or shout  are really the things that bring out the passion within me.  But what am I not yelling about that says a lot about where I need to change.

When Christ walked in Palestine there were many beggars.  But I’ve been told that the most pathetic of the beggars were the blind beggars. With no hope of employment or careers and with no one sympathetic to their plight, they were the poorest of the beggars—-the ones to be pitied the most.  They got only what was placed in their hands and only went were they were led. It was commonly believed that they were blind because, somehow, they deserved it.  It’s heart breaking to think about. We still think about the poor, the blind the orphaned like this, in a more repressed way.

One blind man was named in Jesus’s say was Bartimaeus.  He heard about this man Jesus. Because he was blind, he tended to listen and pay attention  more than those that had good eyes.  He had picked up these stories of how Jesus performed incredible, unheard of miracles.  He must be the One—-the long awaited Messiah!  Jesus must be this “Son of God”!

And so when he heard that Jesus was passing nearby he YELLED, “Jesus have mercy on me!”   It was his chance to be made into a whole man!  And when those around him told him to shut up; but he screamed at the top of his lungs: “Jesus have mercy on me!”

And Jesus heard the yelling—-the loud voice—-the shouting…………..and He stopped and healed a man born blind. Something that had never happened before and never been recorded before in all scripture. Jesus did something that no one had ever done—-all because He heard the shouting of a blind beggar.  Bartimaeus BELIEVED, SHOUTED OUT TO GOD.…and was healed.


Friends, Bartimaeus inspires me.  Perhaps I have been shouting about the wrong things. No one has a right to shout AT God, or to SCREAM at Him! But to raise my voice to praise Him, to cry out to Him, to shout all the louder—-JESUS HAVE MERCY ON ME—-is not only acceptable to God—it gets results.

What could I shout to God about?  My blindness!  My emotional sickness!  My failures as a father, brother, son, friend, a boss! My inabilities to reach my goals, keep my promises and be the witness for Him that I desire to be!  Jesus, have mercy on me!!!!

For the past two years we have struggled to recover losses that should have been covered by our insurance company from the loss of one our primary structures—Eight Gables.  Friends, I have never used this blog as a tool to fill the camp with campers or to raise money for this little ministry.   But this week I feel inclined and led by God to ask to cry out to God for help. I have hesitated, but I felt led to share these last two paragraphs with friends like you, that read my blogs.

We must raise funds prior to the end of this year in order to operate our finances in a way that honors Him and satisfies our vendors and those to whom we are indebted. We are expecting our biggest summer in many years in 2018, but holding on while we await the settlement or payment from our insurance company has tested me like never before.

To be precise, we urgently need the support of 100 friends willing to donate an average of $1000 each. Again, please forgive me for tagging this onto my blog—I don’t intend to ever do this again—but if you are led to support us please let me know, and if you cannot please, please pray earnestly for our efforts over the next week.


God bless you and Merry Christmas.




Dean Barley

The Vineyard

336 351 2070

919 368 8493 (Mobile)

The Vineyard




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