Shout to the Lord!

Dear Friends:
Yesterday I began the day reading about King David and the ark. As you all know, David brought the ark into Jerusalem with great fanfare and began to dance before the Lord—-“with all his might”—-as the ark made it’s way to the center of the city. You might recall that his wife, Michal, “despised” David for the manner in which he danced in front of everyone. When she confronted David he commented that he was dancing for God—-not for her critical acclaim. He went on to say that he would do things even more undignified as an expression for his love of God. No wonder God took such delight in David!  Later in one of his Psalms, David exclaimed, “Shout to Lord all the earth….!”   David had it right, and though he made more than one poor choice in his life, he praised God with all his energy and never lost his primary relationship with his Creator.
The same day I read all of this I read in Revelation about the creatures that surround the throne of God and do nothing  but proclaim, “Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord”.  When I read that passage many years ago I felt sorry for the creatures! That’s all they do for eternity?  Reciting “holy, holy, holy” must be boring and exhausting!! But as I have matured a bit, and reflected on men like David, and experienced the pure joy of worshipping Him, I realize that all creation was designed to praise
Him! It is where we are most fulfilled and at peace! I was born and then re-born to worship and praise the King of Kings.  And regardless of what the “Michals” in life (or churches) suggest, true rest only comes from panting for that intimacy with Him.
Troubles and challenges will be with me as long as I am breathing on this earth, but if I am willing to even make a fool of myself for His Kingdom and His people I will be at rest and peace.  We were made to worship Him. Everything else is supposed to be a distant “second” in our agendas.
Dean Barley

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