Repentence is Key to Transformation

Dear Friends:

Christ, the Son of God was tested—tempted by Satan—in the wilderness after going 40 days with no food! I read that today for the 100th+ time and thought (for the first time) how appropriate that the enemy attacks us when we are weak, tired, and in need of rest/nourishment. But also how fascinating that he (Satan) used scripture to tempt the very Son of God. The enemy has never tempted me to kill someone, to commit treason, or rob a bank. No, he tempts me to settle for something “good” or something that “justifies the end result”. In short, the “good” versus the “best”. That seems to be my challenge as a man of God. Am I prepared for the battle of truly seeking the Kingdom of God, or will I settle for the Kingdom of Dean. One kingdom is absolute perfection and reflects the glory of God. The other is good, perhaps better than many other “kingdoms” but is full of contradictions, fallacies, and imperfections.

It brings to my mind the word “repentance”. “Remorse” is a good thing. It shows maturity and a certain element of being grief-stricken by something bad you did. But repentance (the thing that Christ called for) is a different matter — a higher choice. Remorse means “I am sorry I did that”, repentance means “I am turning around and do want to BE that again!!! Jesus did not call me to be “good”… but to be “Godly”. He did not die for so that I would have “remorse” but rather that I would “repent” and become a NEW MAN.

Scarlet O’Hara was very sorry she got caught doing the wrong thing, but not prepared to repent! John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ have called men to repent and be re-made into the very image of God and to never settle for “good” when “the best” is within our grasp.

Dean Barley

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  • Julie Smith

    Keep blogging it Dean!
    Your previous article on “Letting Go” is saved in a folder here. That meant so much to me.
    Greetings from South Africa

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