Quiet Days, wandering in the wilderness, finding God

Dear Friends:

Today is Tuesday and it’s been a little quieter today.  I have focused on emails, responses to parents and a couple of one on one meetings at the hotel.  Cool today but very pleasant. Again, the people here as so kind to me. Last night the bartender, who knows me by name, offered my a very old Chartreuse around 11:00 pm and said it was on the house. Kind of him—and then I found out it was very expensive.  For whatever reason I have found favor here.

As I prepared for the day I was reading in Judges and was struck by how the Israelites, after all they had gone through, finally entered in Canaan, conquered all their enemies, totally obeyed and followed God, and then as the “fighting men” one by one began to die out, their children, who had experienced none of the pain and suffering in the desert for forty years or the subsequent 40 years of fighting the people in the cities of the promised land, turned away from God and began to “prostitute” themselves with the very idols, customs and habits their fathers and grandfathers had destroyed.  In one generation—-JUST ONE—-all that was gained was lost because the children turned away from God.

I am struck at the human tragedy, throughout history, of how parents try to shield their children from the reality of the world and don’t prepare or ALLOW their children to be a part of the very spiritual and social struggles that define us, and then wonder why their children are so pagan and turned off to God.

You all know how I have struggled with attempting to raise Greg to be godly, humble, honest, kind, etc.  But until he comes to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, he is on the same path as the generation of Israelites in the book of Judges——-and so is our nation. Donald Trump is not our savior (although he might be our “Cyrus”) but the present generation of youth will surely define our nation over the next fifty years. May God have mercy on the USA.


Dean Barley

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