Our Father



June 8, 2107

Dear Friends:

“"This, then, is how you should pray: "'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name”.  Matthew 6:9


This is how Jesus began his example when his disciples said to him, “Teach us how to pray”.  


First: He is our Father—-not just my father.  Don’t think for a second that God does not love people in other lands or of other religions or ethnicity.  Jesus’ prayer begins by reminding us that there is only One God and One heavenly father——-our Father.  It is sad to say that many don’t know Him as their Father and many who claim to know Him disavow any family ties to Him by the manner in which they live.


But when we pray we are all lifting our voices to the one, same and only God.


Second:  He is holy.  His very name is holy and all that He does is holy and altogether perfect. His timing, His answers to prayers, His solutions to the problems that seem beyond salvation, are perfect, holy and pure.  


When I begin my prayer to God it is good to keep two things in mind: I can talk to Him because He is my Father. Praise God!  I don’t have to be timid or afraid or to worry that He is too busy to talk to me or hear my whining or complaining. He knows me and loves me anyway!  He takes delight in the time I give to Him throughout the day to talk to Him.  I am not an irritation or interruption to Him: I am the apple of His eye. He is my Father.


But I must ever recall in prayer that He is altogether holy and totally without sin, and that He intends to make me holy and without sin

as I grow closer and closer to Him.  Praise be to God—-he is not going to indulge me and spoil me; He will not look the other way when I mess up-He will remind me that expects more and better of me.  Our Father is not our heavenly “Grandfather”, but our heavenly FATHER.  He believes in us—-but expects us to be proper sons and daughters.




Dean Barley


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