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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Dear Friends:

Since I was a child one of the things I enjoyed doing the most was mowing the grass. In truth, I have not mowed grass for over thirty years now, but as a young teenager I truly enjoyed mowing grass.  Later I found a certain pleasure in painting a room, or closet or hallway. I found the same pleasure in painting that I once enjoyed  in mowing. And for the past many years I have found the same pleasure in cooking.  No, I am not a chef or very accomplished in the kitchen, but I do nonetheless enjoy it. In fact, I have guests over to eat with me and the boys at least one or more times every week.

I discovered years ago why I enjoyed these excercises—mowing, painting and cooking:  it is because I can start and finish  an endeavor.  There’s something inside me that might be a quirk, but for whatever reason, it get pleasure out of finishing something.  In ministry and leading a camp there’s never really a “finished product”. Even as one camp season concludes we’re already building another. Camp work, and Christian ministry in general is never a finished job—there’s always more to do!

God started the process of creation and “finished” in six days. Then he “rested”—i.e. He sat back and appreciated His labors.  That’s what I felt, I think, when I finished mowing a yard. It was DONE and I was proud of my good work. When I painted a room I did a good thing in turning a dingy room into a brighter, cleaner, brighter room because of my efforts. I started and finished the task—-DONE!  

This is the challenge of ministry—-never being able to take pride in the finished product.  It’s always a matter of faith that perhaps someone else when finish or harvest the work I began or continued.  It’s an honor to minister, but a burden to almost never see the end result of your efforts. 

My point?  This weekend I get to paint the first room of the new house—-and I am excited about being able to BEGIN and FINISH a good task.  But that’s how God has “wired” me and I do get great pleasure in doing things well.  That’s part of my challenge to your believers: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it as unto the Lord”…………..do it well and finish the task.








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