Obedience to God Yields a Great Harvest

Dear Friends:

There are times I feel like Peter and James when they went fishing soon after Jesus resurrection. They fished all day and caught nothing. These men were pros—they knew how to fish and it was their livelihood. But after one day in the hot sun their efforts resulted in nothing. I’ve had a few days like that in my ministry! But then, as they gave up and began to head back to shore dejected after failing to reach their goal, Jesus told them to simply cast their nets on the other side. And of course you know the rest. They nets are so full of fish (that were NOT there earlier) that the nets begin to rip apart and they have to hail some other boats to help them with the incredible, unexpected harvest. They hoped to catch a few fish, but by simply obeying Him they enjoyed abundance.

Ahh… to enjoy such an adventurous life of simply trusting Him, obeying Him, and witnessing the overflowing blessing that follows! Yes, I believe we’re called to work and give every endeavor or best, but when defeat, negative results, or depression comes we have to listen to His simple instructions—obey. It sounds too easy, but it is so true! Let go and give Him the room to bring about what our best efforts cannot bring about.

Friends, the more I see His hand upon me and those I love the more I yearn to be in His dwelling place! My heart yearns for Him and Him alone—just to bask in the shadow of His wings. I am learning more and more that the surest way to experience God’s blessing is to trust Him to accomplish what I cannot in His time. And His greatest blessing is the sense of being surrounded by His arms.

Three quick points:

  1. Peter and James would have caught NO fish if they had not been in the boat trying all day.
  2. They did NOTHING wrong in failing to get a good catch.
  3. The blessing followed obedience to a simple directive from God.

I wonder what He is trying to tell me, from time to time, that I am not hearing because I am frantic to catch a fish while all the time He’s offering me a net full of fish!

Dean Barley

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