My new home!



Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Dear Friends:


I have had dreams for years about a house I was building that was not yet complete, but nearly. In most of the dreams I am living in one home, but for some reason I suddenly “remember” that I have second home that is grander than the one I am living in, and I must go and complete the construction!


The new house is basically the same in all these dreams. It’s under construction, is two stories tall and has an enormous attic and basement. In each dream I am so proud of that house and I ask myself why I have not finished that home and moved into it.


I believe that this “second house” is the one that He has prepared for me in heaven, and at night He gives me glimpses of the glory to come.  Always in my dreams I don’t want to leave that special built home. It was created especially for me and I know it.  I am homesick for the place He has prepared for me……..


I had a similar “homesickness” for heaven for some reason today.  At certain times, for now apparent reason, I just get weary of the way things work here on this earth.  The vanity, the greed, the dishonesty, the selfishness, the pride, the hurry and the worries of tomorrow (and these are just my sins!) cause me to want to leave!   I know that this world, like the house I live in now, is not what He has ultimately wanted me, and all others who call Him Lord, to enjoy.  In a real sense, my “home-sickness” for God’s perfect kingdom is a good sign that I am  seeking it and that I am reminding myself that, “this world is not my home, I’m just a passing through…..”


It makes me think that if this is really the case, why in the world am I ever greedy, selfish, worried or in a hurry?  This world is a mere stage of what is really coming——we’re seeing the an opaque glass what heaven will really be………..and that pumps me up. The One who created you and me knows how we crave beauty, order, purity, perfection—-and He will one day satisfy our cravings and the deep desires of our hearts.






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