May 7, 2107

Dear friends:


Have you ever noticed how music can make you “happy”?  I took a long drive to Florida last week and played my favorite songs and melodies for ten hours, and the time seemed to fly by.  The music made me happy, energized, elevated!  Scientists and psychologists tell us that something is released in our brains when we hear pleasant music and that humans are the only creatures that take pleasure in music.


Whereas we all know that we like it and that chemicals are released in our brains that cause to feel good, no one can explain why this would be so.  Music serves no essential part of our existence any more than an admiration for art or the fun of laughter.


But I think God has put things inside of us like music to remind of us our ultimate purpose and destiny: To enjoy God and forever, bask in unspeakable beauty, and stand in awe of the music that will be eternally lifted up to God in heaven.  


On this earth we truly “see through a dark glass” what paradise and our eternal life with God will be like!  “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has entered the mind of man the things that God has prepared for those that love Him!”   When you hear a beautiful song and you find yourself at peace and joy, or when you see a beautiful sunset or portrait and feel moved, remember that the “feeling” you have when you see those pleasant things and hear those harmonious sounds were placed there by God to remind us of our heritage!


There are things in God’s creation like beauty and music that point to something greater in life than simply existing—-it’s God’s natural revelation of who He is and what we have been called to become: Creatures that crave what is good, beautiful, pleasant sounding, lovely and of good report.  One day our appetite for what is perfect and pure and holy will be satisfied completely.  But until then we can appreciate the glimpses of what is in store by appreciating music and singing joyfully to the One that put music in our hearts in the first place.




Dean Barley


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  • JOshua COllins

    What a beautiful way to describe of God’s “living song” in us and through us, and all around!
    Thank you!

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