Mountains are Moving!

Dear Friends:
Spencer and I had the privilege of having lunch with two Methodist pastors in Mocksville, NC today—about an hours drive from the camp. The meeting was set up by Spencer for the purpose of helping us recruit more USA campers this summer.
What struck Spencer and me was the perfect timing of the meeting. When Spencer contacted the two pastors, independently and on different days, they both agreed to the meeting and both contacted the other about what Spencer was promoting—a Christian camp nearer to their congregations than other Methodist camps. They told us at the lunch that our timing was “perfect” in that their districts had recently created smaller associations of Methodist churches and they were looking for a camp and retreat center closer to home. Twenty-six churches were represented by these two pastors and they enthusiastically invited us to present our camp to all the churches at a conference in the next few days.
Whereas we have no deposit or promise of their involvement, it seems a good bet that these churches will be sending us campers, staff and volunteers this summer. They enthusiastically told us that they wanted to come to visit us quite soon for a day conference and wanted to promote a day for all Methodists in Davie County to come for a day! What excited me most was the encouragement it provided for my brother in Christ — Spencer. He’s been praying fervently for this, working hard in the office with his phone calls and follow up emails and he, it appears, begins the harvest.
Many of you are praying for our camp and our summer program and enrollment. PLEASE CONTINUE!  Things are happening, mountains are moving, God is at work. We’re honored to have you partnering with us!

Dean Barley

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