Mean people?

The Vineyard Dear Friends, If I asked you to think of a mean person, does someone come to mind? Would anyone ever concur up MY name —-or your name—if we asked them to think of a mean person? When was the last time you did something mean? Meanness. I’ve seen it a lot lately——I have seen it myself lately—-and I wonder why it’s still within me. Jesus was angry….disappointed….frustrated—-and God shows anger, is recorded as having some “regrets” about creating mankind and said more than once that He was fed up with men’s disobedience But neither would be described as “mean”. Meanness is a human trait—not a godly one. You might think that Hell is a pretty mean thing, but it is not something God created for His entertainment——but rather as the ultimate means of discouraging the self-destructive of mankind!! But am I am “mean”, at times……are you? People who have been regenerated and are in fellowship with Jesus become, quite naturally, like Jesus——that is, kind and gentle. As we take on HIS NATURE, we are going to become less mean, less eager to see others suffer, less anxious for others to “get what they deserve”. And if my occasional mean outbursts don’t cause me personal embarrassment and remorse, something is wrong with my walk with Jesus. People who reject God will eventually lose touch with God——and the result is that their hearts, without His Holy Spirit to keep their hearts tender, will become hard. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, dictators, the Roman Emperors became men that delighted in meanness and denying their captives and enemies any mercy or kindness. They devised weapons and machines with the single purpose of carrying out their meanness. Their hearts were hardened. But Paul reminds us to “do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves”. What would happen in our church and our camp if we did that? If we treated EVERY new camper and staff, or every visitor in our church as if they were more important than we are? But we often do NOT do this. We display meanness! And in my life as a pastor and camp director, I can tell you what I think two causes us to be mean: Jealousy and insecurity because of our own inadequacies, or bigotry and prejudice to those that are not just like us. What’s the cure? 1. Basking in the love of the Father and the certainty of His continued approval of you. 2. Obedience to the single command of Jesus-that we love each other as HE loved us. There’s no place for bigotry, prejudice in the love of Jesus. It is impossible to look down on others when are at the foot of the cross. Warmly, Dean Barley The Vineyard 336 351 2070 919 360 8493 (Mobile)

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