Use Me Lord!

Dear Friends:

Today was a day full of surprise visits that interrupted my agenda. I had my day planned out by 7:00 am but by 8:30 am I was being visited by close friends from out of town, then phone calls from friends I have not talked to in months, letters from people that needed a kind answer, etc; all day long it seemed my  plans were foiled by phone calls, letters, emails or visits by friends.

But praise be to God:  I am learning to see every guest in my office, every phone call, every surprise visitor at the camp as an opportunity to serve Him and be an extension of His Kingdom work!  He tells us clearly that our first task is to “Seek His Kingdom and His righteous” and that He will take care of ALL the other things.  And it’s true!  I still met my petty little goals at the end of the day, I still went to the gym, I still accomplished the things that I needed to accomplish and at the same time He was able to use me to listen, pray, encourage and be a friend to His children.   

One of my greatest obstacles is my own sense of urgency and “things I MUST do”.  I am not saying a man should not be organized, motivated to get things done, industrious, etc. But God has a way of throwing a wrench into my plans to remind me of the need to respond to opportunities to be His ambassador and His servant on this earth. Jesus has three years to prepare twelve teenagers to change the world! Yet, He was never in a hurry, never anxious, never complaining about needing more time or a break ,etc. He completed all that the Father sent Him to do by focusing on the ONE essential thing in Life——God.

I will continue to plan my days carefully, but I know that my Redeemer can accomplish and complete the things I can’t address, each day, if I am faithfully looking for opportunities to share His love and be an emissary of His Kingdom.

Dean Barley

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