Jet Lag Blues

Dear Friends:
I left Lille, France yesterday at 10:00 am (that’s 4:00 am EST) and arrived home today at 2:35 am. A long trip home and I am not good with jet lag.  Please forgive me for not blogging yesterday—-I simply lacked the energy.
The trip to France was a success for two reasons: (1)  God blessed my clumsy efforts, and  (2) many of you prayed for me and the work I did. I will be 60 years old in a few weeks and I am still re-learning things as basic as the need to bathe things in prayer and then leave the results to Him. What a wonderful journey to take on as one of His children! He goes ahead of me, prepares the hearts and minds of the parents and campers I meet, and allows me to glow in the pleasure of being of some use to Him and His Kingdom work. Thank you for praying for me. I am privileged to do this work.
Today though, right after I got back to work, I became angry when someone broke a promise to me. It infuriated me that after telling me ten times that he would not break his promise he did anyway! Call it “righteous indignation” if you will, but in reality (with me at least) it’s almost always my pride that is wounded when I get angry. Nearly each time I get really mad, it’s because my pride or ego has been bruised. Dear Lord, please help me to get angry at the things you get angry with and not when I feel slighted.  As I thought of how betrayed I felt, two things quickly occurred to me:  First, "GIVE the anger to the Lord. Let Him sort it out. Surrender this thing!”  And as I did this an unspeakable peace and joy came across me!!!!  He will take care of me!  I don’t HAVE to be angry.  The second (darker) thing that occurred to me is that I am guilty of breaking my promises to God all the time! What if He treated ME like I want to treat those that deceive me?  Lord have mercy on me for not having more mercy.
Well, as you can see, I am still a little tired and a bit in a fog.  Please pray for the follow up of my French trip AND the new trip to Mexico and Bolivia upcoming.
Dean Barley

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