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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dear Friends:

Yesterday I travelled to the airport to begin my trip home. I had been in France more than two weeks and I was truly, sincerely, ready to come home.  I rose at 4:00 am and got the airport in Paris in plenty of time, but then I had a connection in Brussels with a three hour layoever.  Then that layover ended up lasting five hours because of snow and ice.  Finally we boarded the plane, but  I was in a bad mood, beacuse I was sure I would miss my connection in Washington, DC for the final leg home.  So I was “less” than polite, perhaps, as I walked down the hallway onto the plane. Then I saw a poster from the airport authority that caught my eye: “Relax if something goes wrong we’ll make it right.   After all, you’re on hoilday.”   And as I took my seat, I thought, “It’s true. I need to relax—everthing is going to work out.  And besides, my trip was work for God—I was not on a holiday,  every day at work for Him is a “holy day””.   And in a real sense, if we are in love with Him and if He shines in all we do, aren’t all days “holy days”—-i.e. days set apart to be sacred for God?

Anyway, that epiphany changed my attitude and I relaxed and began planning on how I would get another plane from Washington to the camp.  And I relaxed and relaxed and relaxed—for four hours as the plane sat on the tarmac and accumulated more and more snow. To make the drama short, let me simply say that by the time the plane was ready to talk off, the flight crew’s policies would not permit them to fly because we had stayed on the plane too long. The flight was cancelled.

We had to “de-plane”, claim our luggage and re-book our flights. We were told that the hotels were ALL full, because ALL flights were cancelled at the airport. It was a mess!  People waited for two hours for their luggage and four hours for taxis, but most slept a misearble night in cots at the airport.

I was not happy and confess that I lost the whole idea of “every day is holy day” for a few hours.  I had to first re-book a flight, then find a connecting flight and then find a hotel somewhere in the center of the city, then find an Uber driver, and  then contact the camp to let them know of the fiasco.

The point of this little message is not to give all the details, but let me simply say that the next day—-today—the plane was again delayed and I will arrive in Wasington, DC too late for my connectiing flight—-or any flight. So I must rent a car and drive home from Washington to the camp tonight. This is not someting I enjoy doing so late at night and for six hours.

So, what’s the point? This happens to busines travelors every day—-and worse. Yes, I had a hard time getting  to France, I got sick in France and now I wasted money I cannot afford to lose purchasing new tickets, renting a car, paying for a hotel, etc.   It’s not supposed to happen to me.  At least, that’s how I am tempted to think.  But again, either God does orchestrate these things or He is indifferent and uncaring.  Friends, I know Him and I am persuaded that He loves me.  And that’s enough for me to know.

I am raising four young men now. What an honor but whant obligation to their heavenly Father. They could all tell you that I am constantly telling them to trust my judgment, rules, demands, and so forth. Frequently they question my wisdom and experience when I try to pass on the reasons for what I want them to do, but I know what I am doing—-and so does God when He allows these things to happen to me He is teaching me, reminding me, or preparing me for something—-or He used my misfortunes for His greater purposes. That’s enough. I trust Him, I relax. Everything is going to be okay.  It’s a holy day.


Dean Barley

The Vineyard

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