Intimidation or inspiration

Dear Friends:
Camp will open in five weeks, and with the anticipation of all that must be done sometimes I get a bit “prickly”, and by that I mean that I can be cantankerous and not as talkative and friendly as I should be.  I have no excuse for exhibiting this kind of temperament, but I do recognize a disconnect between what I want to be and what I am at this time of year.
Today, a camp staff delivered to me the worst insult any man could level at me. He told me, quite carefully and haltingly, that I “intimidated” him.  I suppose that some men and women would not be too bothered by that complaint, and indeed many of the people we look up to as heroes did in fact scare the daylights out of their adversaries!  
But I am not one of those men; I am a follower of Christ and my goal is to imitate Christ.  Christ had the capacity and power to cause anyone to tremble when He spoke.  But He did use that power or His relationship with His father to cause others to cower or shake with fear. Quite the opposite, He was the most humble man to ever walk upon the face of the earth!  Little children would climb into His lap, older children wanted Him to place His hands upon their heads, prostitutes would wipe His feet with their tears and dry them with their hair, the worst of the worst would be unafraid to talk to Him, invite Him to their home, ask Him questions, etc.  
If anyone should have caused others to be impressed and have reason for intimidation in His presence, it was Jesus……..but He was not like that.   I never cause others to be afraid or intimidated because of me--it's simply unbecoming of a disciple of Christ. I was ashamed—-truly ashamed—-that my brother in Christ was intimidated of me.  And yet it’s not  the first time I have been told that I intimidate some people. God have mercy on me! Who am I that anyone should be afraid of me let alone be menaced because of me!
I hope to never again have anyone tell me that they are scared to talk to me. If anything, people should feel  more at ease in my presence and more able to become close to me if I truly becoming more like Him.
It appears I have a long way to go yet.

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