I don't have to understand

“Unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the Kingdom of God…”  
Today during my time of prayer I was so overwhelmed with the tasks at hand and my personal challenges that I cried out to God: “I don’t understand why this is happening!”;  “I don’t see how this is going to help me or the work of your Kingdom”;  “I am not able to handle all this pressure, why are you letting this happen to me?”     
And as I listened to myself talk to God, I realized that I was not speaking as a child to his father, but as an employee to his employer, or as a private to his sergeant.
I was placing myself into a relationship with God that He never intended and that was totally inappropriate!   Christ reminds us that we must come to God as a "child
to a father” if we would have our prayers answered and be a part of His Kingdom.  The same holds true if I would enjoy the blessings, peace, purpose and joy that is mine to claim.  I must understand that there are no adults (or teenagers) in heaven!  Only children.
A child does not have  to understand things, because he knows that his dad does.  A child does not have to worry about shelter or food or clothing, because he knows that his father takes care of those things.  A child does not fret about how things are going to work out, because his father always is looking after him to be sure that things do work out.  In fact,  the life of a child, if in a proper relationship to good parents, is the most secure and peaceful time of life. There are no worries, no pressure, no need to be afraid or uneasy.  This is what Jesus was talking about.
Oh, the joy of knowing that He loves me and is proud of me!  What peace I have in relaxing and trusting Him to figure things out.  Yes, I do not understand many, many
things in life——but He understands everything... and I belong to Him.  This is my source of “self-esteem” and personal confidence: I am His and He approves of me.
My quiet times are not so much revelations of new spiritual truths but reminders of things I have known all along. After He reminded me to simply be a child, I spent
the next many minutes simply praising Him.  It might sound strange to someone that’s never done that, but something is “released” within me when I merely praise
Him and ask Him for nothing.  I was created and born again to praise Him, not whine about how difficult I have made things!
Change does not come easy for any of us.  But a condition for an abundant life is to change and become (and remain) like a child.

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