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Friday, January 5, 2018

Dear Friends:

Jesus went into a Pharisee’s home and a prostitute followed him in, washed His feet with her tears, wiped His toes with her hair and then poured perfume on His feet. Most of us have read this story many times. But what He said to me at the end of the story surprised me:

“Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

He did not just say, “Your sins are forgiven”, but your faith has saved you.  So, if I read this correct, a lady that lived her whole adult life doing something very bad in God’s eyes,  simply has to cry and pour some oil on Jesus’ feet and everything is fine?   

Evidently so!  And this is where I see Jesus turning all things religious upside-down.  It’s not the “right living” souls that Jesus came to save, but the sinners. And sinners like this prostitute recognized that her life was so messed up that it was “hopeless” short of Jesus’—the Son of God’s—compassion. That’s where she “placed all her eggs”, so to speak spiritually.  She placed all hope in His love and she believed in her heart that if she truly humbled herself (she sat at his feet and wiped His feet with her hair), acknowledged her sins (she never stopped weeping and used the tears to clean His feet!) and recognized Him as the Messiah (she anointed His feet with expensive perfume) she might be redeemed and saved.  And her faith proved right!

What an incredible sense of lightness comes someone hears Him say—“Your faith has saved you!  All is well—-you are now a redeemed, restored, justified member of the family of God”!   But it’s the sick that seek a physician—the poor that seek a philanthropist.  Conversely those that are well or well-off never have need of such intervention. The sad truth is that there are folks in our world that think they are wealthy, clean, pure, healthy——and therefore in no need of a savior. And so Jesus correctly said:  Blessed are the poor……..i.e. blessed are those that know just how poor they are!

This woman was far wiser and more in touch with God than the Pharisee. She knew how dirty and in need of cleansing she was. And THAT is what we are to preach to a world that is so confused about wealth, health and purity.  When any man or woman stands next to Him, then, and perhaps only then, can they really began to grasp how wretched and crooked they are.  

My goal at this camp is to help young people and maturing young adults seek Him, find Him, kneel before Him and experience the restoration to fullness and holy living that only He can give.


Dean Barley

The Vineyard

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