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Dear Friends:

In his book Mere Christianity, CS Lewis commented that God has broken into history and is communicating to us in at least three ways: Our consciences, our dreams and through a chosen nation.  We all understand that these three things help us to understand God and His Kingdom work better, but last night it was a dream, unlike any dream I have ever had before, that not only reminded me of my true destiny but thrilled my soul!

In the dream, I was working with a garden hose to bring water to something that “we” were watering. The grass all around was incredibly green, tall and lush—-it was a green I can’t really describe. But everything was beautiful, green, soft and breath-taking. The colors were dazzling—I cannot think of the proper means of explaining the colors. There were many, many people working in this sort of meadow, planting flowers, fruits and vegetables. Everyone was working, but they were laughing, smiling, chatting and not showing any sign of fatigue or boredom with the work.


I recall that I was the happiest I had ever been in my life and was light-hearted and excited about being there.  I wondered how anyone could ever want to leave there? Why could anyone ever want more or have any desire for adventure or leaving such a perfect place? Later in the dream, I was helping my dad get some more water from a huge tank. We were hooking up some hoses to get the water that was in the tank (water that was from Ukraine?) into the hose. (I don’t claim to understand all the details of these dreams I have—I am just telling you what I saw.)  Later in the dream, I began to give some directions to my nephew, Gerald, and then realized that his dad was there and apologized for directing his son when he was already there. Again, I have no clue to the significance of that event, but I remember that we are all around a huge table preparing to eat and there was such joy and anticipation of the meal.

I did not want to wake up—-I wanted to remain in that dream and in that field of grass and fruit and cool breezes with those kind people forever!  I prayed about the dream and it’s meaning the moment I woke up.  As many of you now, my father has now been gone for twenty years, and my nephew Gerald and his father Bruce also passed away several years ago. Clearly this was a dream about heaven—-my future home. But what struck me was that our joy and laughter came from working together in a purposeful task. There was no whining or complaining or bumming around.  It was a place of perfect peace, harmony, helpfulness and purpose. 

God gave me that dream to remind me of how things are supposed to be and how they WILL be one day!  I yearn for that day and would walk into that reality before I finished this sentence if I could! But for the time I must remain here, I am called to remind campers and staff that it is “beautiful” when God’s children work together in harmony without whining and complaining!  I should show by my very example that work is a good thing! We were created to work with our hands and produce good things. This camp offers the perfect backdrop for helping young people appreciate the beauty, awe and majesty of God’s created order and “natural revelation”.

We all have something to look forward to: a reunion with those we  love; a place that we’ll never want to leave; a world where everything makes sense. Tonight could be “the” night.

Dean Barley

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  • Mary

    As I woke this morning, I could hear church bells ringing. We do not live near a church with bells that ring so this was a supernatural occurrence. The last time I heard this was a few days before my beloved mother in law passed into eternity. I pondered why I was hearing them today and then realized it would have been her 76 birthday today. A wonderful reminder that Jesus hasn’t forgotten us and is celebrating with her in Heaven for eternity.

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