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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Dear Friends:

Well, today was the antithesis of the last time I tried to fly to France for my meetings. Today everything happened just as planned and all things progressed incredibly smoothly. Pity that I allow the things I cannot control to often set my tone and tempo.  Surely He is to do infinitely more than I can imagine if I merely give up my desire to be in charge and let Him set the calendar and agenda for His Kingdom work as He pleases.

But last night, as I was waiting for the 4:15 am alarm to sound, I did pray earnestly for this trip, the meetings, our needs, our hopes, our plans, etc.   There is much for which I MUST be grateful, but also many things that could cause me to fret.  As I was praying I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in a very sublime way. I was encouraged, emboldened and strengthened for the adventure that lie ahead of me.  Suddenly my heart left as I sensed that not only would things “work out” but that our ministry and I would be blessed beyond measure.

Now I don’t get these “revelations” every night. In fact, for the past many months I have suffered with His silence.  But when He speaks, when His Spirit moves and woes, there is nothing you can do but bask in the lightness of the moment!  He moved my heart with the reassurance that, yes, He was still aware of my challenges, frustrations, embarrassments, etc——-and He was going to take care of me. 

That is what the Savior is to me. My Redeemer—yes. But also the lover of my soul.  The Enemy attempts to plant and nurture fears in mind of how humiliated I would be if suddenly I got all that I really  deserve. Satan is  the master of taking a some truth and pulling God’s children away from Him!  Whereas he is right—-I do not deserve the love, protection, favor, blessings and smile of God, I am a grateful receiver of all of this—and more—nonetheless!  What I must do when the Enemy whispers doubts and fears into my heart is to quickly confess the fears and doubts to God and ask Him to remind me of His love! It is His LOVE that dispels the darkness and spiritual cobwebs of my mind—-dwelling upon His unmerited FAVOR rather than just what a weasel  and fallen creature I am is what allows me to go through my front door each morning and do my work. Without His arms about me I would be a most miserable creature.

And this, of course, leads me to treat other men and women such as me (“weasels”, et al)) as each being my true brother and sister—regardless how far they are from the cross….because “there, but by God’s grace, go I”


Dean Barley


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