Pray With Me!

Dear Friends:
Another excellent meeting  last night at the deDinechins. They are such kind people—-friendly, caring and so supportive of our camp. The mom, who holds a degree in marketing, wants to volunteer for two weeks and wants to send her 14 year old son and 10 year old daughter for four and two weeks each.
Money is still tight here in France, but I have been surprised at how positive they are about Trump, but I also note that they all whisper their approval. They tell me that it is not acceptable to say what you think over here if it goes contrary to what the media says you should think. Political correctness in France—-just like the USA. Only one meeting today and two tomorrow. My time is spent on many emails, calls and follow ups. Please pray for my efforts here to get the goal.  Christians should not live lives of fear, I know, but that is probably my biggest daily battle with the enemy. He reminds me of what will happen if I fail to get the campers here, or in Mexico or Bolivia. He taunts me into wondering about how I will be attacked if I fail to bring in enough funds each month for the camp’s operations ($60k per month from Sept-May and $60k per WEEK during the summer).  I realize that I am surrounded by people in the office, the board, the LLC that care, but the burden is heavy.  Forgive me for being so melancholy, but I was so hoping—-no one perhaps knows how much!—-that God would lead to the camp someone that I could begin to train to do what I am doing. I have been praying for “son” or “daughter” or Elisha that I could pass the mantel off to.  Recent disappointments have caused me, at low points, to doubt my approach to this, my example and if I will ever find that person.
Ok, enough of the pity party-forgive me. Yesterday I got some bad news about one I had high hopes for and it was sobering but sad.  But if through my sadness and loneliness God can use me for His glory I know that He will sustain me, give me joy and send the companionship my heart desires in His time.
Thank you for praying for me today—-perhaps some special reminder that I am where he wants me.
Dean Barley

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