Hearing the Whisper

Dear Friends:
I am ever reminded of two things in life: Things are never as bad as they seem and  rarely as good as they seem.  The longer I live, the more I understand that this world is not my home—I am just “passing through”.   As Bonhoeffer (or was it CS Lewis) once remarked, “Once we are born again we become homesick (for heaven)”  I look around me and realize that things simply are not what they should and could be,   I  am not what I ought to be and those that I love are not living as they were created to live. 
Today I interviewed a staff and explained to him our camp and our spiritual goal of sharing God’s love, Christ’s call to being a disciple and seeking truth,  and saw his eyes widen as he seemed to utter, inaudibly, “That’s the way things should be in life, not just at camp! “   All of you know that The Vineyard Camp has its flaws (starting with the founder and director), but imagine the good that can come this summer, and in future generations, if campers and staff get a glimpse or are able to hear the whisper of how things could and should be if we were all living like redeemed children in the Kingdom of God.  What a witness and testimony for His work on earth. 
Dean Barley

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  • Mike Fitzpatrick

    Dean you have helped shape the faith of my children Bri and Cy. Your influence will ripple through them into the world as never ending waves of God’s grace enriching the lives of all they touch. I am eternally grateful for you, the Vineyard and the good work the Lord does there every day.

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