HE has a plan

Dear Friends:
Thank you for your prayers and support last month while I was in France.  As you know I asked you to pray for 300 camper placements for the month. As of tonight, 307 places have been confirmed and 245 have made deposits or the deposits are en route. God bless you for your effective prayers!
It is humbling to recognize that I can do nothing without His help and favor; but I am reminded that He has chosen to humble me even more in that I must meekly seek the support of others to intervene for me in prayer!  God could obviously give me all that I needed to effectively run this camp and ministry without having to force me to beg for financial support or work the hours I do, traveling all over the globe, to recruit campers. It’s not the end result but the process upon which He is planning and working! He intends to make me worthless for anything save the work of the Kingdom of God…..and for that I am inexplicably ecstatic!
It does appear, the closer I come to Him and the older I become, the less suited, prepared and acceptable I am for this world and the more eager and prepared I am for the next.
Dean Barley

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