Have mercy on us Lord

May 14, 2107


Dear Friends:

I was a bit lazy today. Please forgive me. Here is the devotion I offered to some youth today. I hope it helps someone:

In Psalms 123:3 David wrote:  “Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy upon us, For we are exceedingly filled with contempt”

David was crying out to God: “Help us”!  But not because we deserve it (i.e. have mercy on us). This is the language of earnest pleading; repeating it represents the emphasis of the prayer. David knew that help could come only from God; he was looking only to Him; and he looked to God like  a small child looks up to a parent!  “Dad—-please help me”!

And today perhaps you are one that needs help; or you feel perhaps for the first time that you are under great pressure or; or you do know Him; or you have strayed far away from him.   Perhaps this is your prayer today.  God please have mercy on me and help me.

David said secondly:  We have been stuffed with hatred, loaded down, heavily burdened  with the disapproval of others—they despise us. For we are exceedingly filled.  The Hebrew word used here means to be saturated;  i.e. entirely full, and the idea here is that so much contempt had been thrown upon them that they cannot experience any more. Contempt had been shown to them in every possible way. They are thoroughly despised.   Do you feel that way sometimes?

If you do the right thing sometimes people DO hate you! David knew this first hand.He said, “we are exceedingly filled with contempt”……… People can be incredibly mean………..and sometimes they call themselves “Christians”.

How can you avoid being treated unkind and never be served with contempt?   Well, you can be sure that it is far safer to take no stand for Christ than to stand up and be counted a follower of Jesus Christ.  On account of your faith, many will make fun of you, you might be called in irritant in your school or local government, etc.

For these things, and other reasons, David knew about contempt—it was plentifully poured upon him.  Why? Because he was a man after God’s own heart and the world HATES THAT.

This prayer from David might be appropriate today:

a. God sustain us, bless us and protect us from those that  are opposed to the good news of your Son and your everlasting love.  Protect us from our own stupid choices and decisions—give us a new, clean, pure and wise heart!

b. But God, also give us the fortitude and courage that we might continue to be held in contempt by those who do not love God and have those who disavow His Son.

You can’t live for God on your own. You need two things: An intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and fellowship among others who hold your same love.



Dean Barley


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