Seeking God's Wisdom

Dear friends:

I have used the words “surrender” and “abandonment” very often in these writings I make every day. As most of you can see, these devotions are really meant for me — I am merely letting you in on my struggles, fears, challenges, dreams, and hopes. It makes me vulnerable, I suppose, to those that assumed I had “everything together” in my life.

Obviously the opposite is true! My life is a confused, hopeless, meandering, and meaningless mess — until He comes in, by my invitation, to bring purpose and direction. Try as I might to make my mark in the world, I am a babe in the woods when it comes to living the life He created me to enjoy. And the best way to find just how hapless and inadequate I am all I have to do is to try to be righteous and godly just for one day by myself! What a comedy! Even the smallest offenses aggravate me, the slightest disappointment ruins my day and the first time I personally fail to measure up to the standard I have set for myself I am ready to give up!

The older I get the more I pray earnestly for His hand to be upon me throughout the day to guard, guide, direct, and deliver me! I am not able to stir up the proper sentiments, imagination, and stamina to get the things done that I know He wants me to accomplish. But the more I admit this to Him, the more I am able. His strength and power within me is made manifest and obvious in my weakness! My acknowledgment that I do not know what to do or how to handle it is the secret to getting it done. As I see Him picking me up, covering me, and calling me His own I am at peace during the worst times of the day.

King Solomon was the most blessed King in the history of the Bible, but he began his reign by humbly admitting to God that he was no more than a child and asked God to give him wisdom so that he could perform the tasks set before him. Could any man’s prayer be more pure? “God, please give me the wisdom to complete the tasks and challenges you have set before me!” To seek neither “success” nor the approval of others, but simply God’s hand to accomplish His purposes in my life — that’s what matters. But it can’t happen until I abandon my ideas of what I think God should be doing in my life and decide that He really is God and that He has a better idea.

Dean Barley

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