God's Favor in Bolivia

Dear Friends:

I’ve often thought that of camp’s ethnic an international make-up could best be represented as a five-legged table. The five legs represent the five major nations that support us, and while there are many other nations, these five are the most well represented at the camp. Those nations (“legs”) are the USA, France, Mexico, Colombia, and Bolivia. (I sincerely hope that my friends from Kenya, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Ecuador, Brazil, Russia, China, Korea, Ukraine, Argentina, England, etc. take no offense at this remark. It’s merely that these five countries contribute 90% of the campers and staff. I would be happy to have a forty-legged table one day!)

I am spending this week in Bolivia meeting parents and campers during the days and evenings. Since I landed I have been incredibly blessed with the preparation by our sponsor in Santa Cruz, Charito, and the enthusiasm of the potential campers and parents. Our goal was 150 camper weeks (i.e. 50 campers attending three weeks each), but in the first two days 143 places have been requested! At this pace we could easily surpass 400 camper placements from Bolivia making it our second biggest market after the USA. It is so satisfying to see such a supportive reaction on this trip. It truly energizes and stimulates me to work more diligently to be sure that none of these children or parents are disappointed when they get off the vans from the airport!

I don’t always ask those of you that read these narratives to pray, but please pray for my meetings over the next four days for an unsurpassed “harvest” of registered campers. My goal is now 400 places — just as in France. God is moving and doing marvelous things and I believe that your prayers are the reason.

Over the past few years I have seen how my prayers for others can be quite effective and when others pray for me, things really happen. It’s the sharing of our joys and sorrows, challenges, and victories that offers such a compelling reason for being a part of the Christian community. And it seems that our prayers for the other are more effective than merely praying for ourselves.

Again, I humbly ask each of you to pray for our work in Bolivia. I will keep you informed of the efficacy of those prayers!

God bless you.
Dean Barley

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