God is Raising Up a New Generation of Leaders!

Dear Friends:

I am amazed at the things that God has accomplished through the lives of one man (or woman). The earth—shattering changes in history are always connected to the passion and faithfulness of the few — not to the whims of throngs and masses. Yes, eventually those close to these saints catch on fire (spiritually speaking), but consider how one man, dedicated to, and in love with God, changed the course of history: Noah, Moses, King David, Saint Paul, and Martin Luther — to name a few.

In our societies we have many talented Christian writers, teachers, preachers, workers, pastors, priests, and nuns. But I yearn to see and hear of that one woman or man in our generation that is totally “sold out” for God. That person could change the course of history! That young life could move mountains for the work of God’s Kingdom. That teenager could be the spark of a renewal across the USA and Europe that has not been seen for 200 years.

And that is why this camp — The Vineyard — exists. If one youth came here and caught that vision and passion, and our camp closed tomorrow, it would be well worth the trails and challenges we have faced and face anew for the past 35 years! We do not know how young lives are being impacted, redirected, dedicated and consecrated by the manner in which we “put up” with adversity and tough times, but I am quite certain that we could destroy a young person’s faith by allowing circumstances to dictate our character and the character of those that minister here. Problems and crises do not make me into a man of God, they reveal the real man I already am. This summer eyes are watching me and every staff that claims to know God in an intimate and personal way. Pray that we are up for the task! Please pray that we cause no one to stumble or doubt even if disaster should befall us. And if a disaster is required for the formation of that maverick for God, please pray that His will be done nonetheless!

This year I am more eager than ever to know that God’s people are praying for us. The next Paul or David or Martin Luther may have already registered for camp. Please pray.

Dean Barley

A Note From The Editor:

It is our goal at the Vineyard for all kids to hear and witness the gospel of Christ. You can help a child have that opportunity by donating to our child scholarship fund today!

Jedd Pearce

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