Setting New Goals

Dear Friends:
Again, thank you for helping me meet our goal of 300 camper weeks last month; but now please join me in praying for another 300 camper weeks in January. I sincerely need your prayers! I am more confident of my work knowing that I have such an “army” standing with me and surrounding me in prayer.
We did not meet my goal of $100,000 in donations in December, but I am confident that He will take care of our needs nonetheless. I determined last night to work towards $10k a day for ten days, starting today.  Today, one family donated $6,000, six more camper places from France were confirmed later ($1800) another family sent a wire of $460 in camper payments, another friend promised to send $1000 and an another sent $1000 by the end of the day.  $10,260—-in one day. God is good.
Last night at 3:16 am I woke up with the doubts that often hit me early in the morning hours. Not a doubt of God or His power to do what He wants, when He wants. But the Enemy kept whispering to me that God would never answer my prayers or assist me. The Temper reminded me that I was too full of sin, duplicity, hidden motives, secret pride, etc for God to hear me even if He wanted to. I could feel the Liar taunting me and reminding me that God is holy and can have nothing to do with that which is unholy—-i.e. me.  And of course all of this is true; but then God’s Spirit reminded me that I have been covered with the blood of Jesus Christ and that my prayers and petitions and tears are seen and heard by a Heavenly Father who approves of me!  I am able to go to the throne of God not based upon my merits but rather on the basis of Jesus’ infinitely more pure and holy blood.  By 3:45 am I was at peace and felt the “dunamis” or “power” of His Spirit. THAT is when I prayed to God to bless my efforts today, to bring salvation to Greg and to keep my feet on the right path.

Dean Barley

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