From boys to men



May 23, 2107

Dear Friends:

When Christ was betrayed on the Mount of Olives and lead away to tortured, the disciples scattered and ran away.  No one came to His rescue or defended Him. Peter denied Him, later Thomas doubted Him, the rest kept as away from Him as possible. Only John was loyal enough to watch Him die on the cross.

Prior to The Passion these young men fought among themselves about who was the most important, they complained amongst themselves and had a hard time taking in all that Jesus was trying to teach them about humility, suffering and desiring God with all their hearts.

But in a very short time after the resurrection and the ascension these young men became very different “apostles”.  After they received the Holy Spirit they were not the same men. In the book of Acts, for example, Luke explained how the Jewish leaders had Peter and the other apostles flogged for preaching the good news about Jesus. After the flogging (which was a painful and humiliating punishment) they left praising God that were considered worthy for suffering and being humiliated for “The Name”.  These were not the same boys. Something happened to them.

Friends, these men didn’t simply believe in the resurrection of Jesus, they met the resurrected Jesus and ate a meal with Him!  These men were not merely converted from their previous way of thinking, they were baptized with the Holy Spirit and became new men!   This is what I pray for this summer! This is the goal of any man or woman that has been appointed the share the good news of Jesus Christ redemptive work for His Father!  I don’t want to just tell kids about God and show staff how to be godly, I hope and pray that they might be transformed into new creatures. That is the goal!   

And it happens when someone meets the true, genuine, living Jesus Christ in a personal and private way and receives, through His Holy Spirit, a new mind and is truly born again. Please, please pray that our words and praise and actions might bring young people into a passionate desire to meet Jesus this summer.


Dean Barley


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